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Konichiwa Mina! My Name is MizukiHitomi and I love drawing and writing! Those are probably my two most favorite subjects. I'm a High Schooler living in Chicago, IL. Watch me speed though my hecktic life with my drawing and occanly stories about my Oc's and the PowerPuff Girls. And about a ton on reblogs.

Drawing Software: Paint Tool SAI & Photoshop CS2

Recording Program: Lenovo Youcam

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Do you want to know what real procrastination is?

I can’t do algebra, so in one hour I have taught myself morse code, and I have spent the last ten minuets writing the lyrics to Pompeii fluently in morse


../.— .- …/-. —- -/.-.. -.— .. -. —.

I am the procratination QUEEN

i did not learn morse in less than an hour for 16 notes

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